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Learning to Surf in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

The surfing in Cabo San Lucas is some of the best in the Americas, drawing avid surfers from all around the world, but particularly from the US. There are some great places to surf and many places to learn to surf, and we thought we’d offer a little advice for people planning a trip in the near future. The variety of the beaches and the large swell window in the area make Cabo a surfer’s paradise, so it’s very hard to have a bad experience as a surfer in Cabo. That said, we’d like to offer a little direction for people new to the area.

If anything in this brief guide inspires you to book a private Los Cabos tour or a group tour in Los Cabos, then please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we hope this guide will answer any questions you have about surfing in Cabo San Lucas!

The General Consensus About Surfing Near Cabo

Surfing at Cerritos 

Before we get on to talk about some of the specific beaches we recommend, we’d like to discuss surfing in Cabo San Lucas more generally. Right at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo has more than its fair share of coastline, offering up a huge number of great beaches.

This abundance of beaches has helped the area become increasingly popular with tourists, but it has also gradually attracted the attention of surfers over the last few decades.

Think about it this way: California is one of the most famous surfing areas in the world, and the Baja California Peninsula is simply an extension of California, with Cabo finishing it off!

When you travel Northwards from Cabo, you’ll find coastline with regularly great surf; as you’re looking directly out onto the Pacific, you’ll get direct northern swells similar to the surfing you’ll find in California. If you travel eastward, though, you’ll find a large swell window that is unique to Cabo.

Both options offer great surfing; it’s just up to you to choose which beaches interest you most.

A Potential Downside of Surfing in Cabo

Usually, we only ever talk about the best parts of visiting Cabo. After all, it’s our job to help people get excited about visiting our home. However, it’s worth mentioning here that there is a lack of assistance for beginners surfing in the area.

There aren’t as many beginners’ lessons as there should be and there’s just a general lack of guidance. In this way, it’s the perfect spot for veteran surfers but a little daunting for newbies. That’s where we come in as we have two different bases of operations for our surf lessons in Cabo…

Learning to Surf at Cerritos Near Cabo

This is one of the most popular beaches for anyone staying in Cabo San Lucas. And for good reason! The gorgeous white sand is perfect for anyone looking for a day at the beach, and the water is absolute perfection.

Most importantly, however, its position on the Pacific side of the peninsula means that it gains access to those northern swells that make California so popular. The consistent swells make it the ideal place to offer our Cabo Surf Lessons at Cerritos. This is a six-and-a-half-hour surfing experience offered during the winter months because the Pacific coast doesn’t offer swells in the winter, making Cerritos a reliable option for surfers. 

This surfing experience includes transportation from your hotel or the Plaza Gali parking lot as well as lunch, refreshments and snacks. After all, nothing works up an appetite like surfing!

Our expert surfing instructor will guide you through everything you need to know while keeping you safe at every point along the way. And if you’re a more advanced surfer, we can provide coaching instead of lessons.

Learning to Surf at Costa Azul Beach in Cabo

Costa Azul is one of our all-time favorite places to surf near Cabo. This great beach is close to Cabo San Lucas and very close to San José del Cabo. On this 3-hour surf lesson, we will provide round-trip transportation, use of a surfboard and wetsuit, and guidance from bilingual instructors.

It’s worth noting that the swell here in summer is brilliant, but it isn’t consistent in winter, so we only operate this service during the summer. If you’re visiting in the winter, try our Cerritos surf lessons mentioned above. If you’re a more advanced surfer, we offer coaching instead.

Find out everything you can expect on our Los Cabos Surfing Lessons at Costa Azul. Costa Azul Beach is on the eastern edge of the peninsula, so you get a different kind of surf than at Cerritos. While the surf is very reliable and is great for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

That’s all we have time for in this guide. We hope we’ve answered your questions and inspired a few readers to start planning their next big trip to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas! If you’d like the best experience possible, with even more time with your surf instructor, you might like to consider our private Los Cabos summer surfing lessons at Costa Azul or private lessons at Cerritos in the winter.

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