Meet Your High Tide Guides...

Experts in Los Cabos tour experiences


ALAN was born in Guerrero. Always ready to help you catch the next waves, Bro! He is a professional surfer. No doubt his nickname is Pro.


Amanda ‘Mandy’

AMANDA better known as MANDY was born in Sinaloa. Our PR is “all smiles” and brings good energy to the office. She also provides solutions to our ground support.

Bryan Cortez

Bryan was born in Guerrero, feels right in place around tourists, helpful and super focused guide. He will look after your safety and took you to the best spots during our tours.

Carlos Michaud

Yes, his nickname is represented by his appearance. Spartan will lead you to your next adventure and he will give you total confidence and security because of his knowledge and experience on every tour, so pack your stuff and let him guide you until the end!

Guillermo Alonso

Guillermo was born in San Luis Potosí. He will help you to discover the beauty of Cabo and enjoy to the fullest our tours.

Hugo Zambrano

A really kind and patient guide is what describes Hugo the most. He will guide you through every step, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a surf lesson, a kayak tour or a hike. You’re going to feel sheltered by his attention and your tour will be on a next level for sure.

Javier Beltran

Javi was born here in Los Cabos. He is our handy man, always helpful, smiling and ready to help with anything that comes up during our tours.

Jose Francisco Ruiz (Paco)

Paco, born in Cuernavaca Morelos, friendly and helpful, will always make you feel safe.

Jose Luis Lopez “Mono”

Energy and passion is the best description for José Luis. He’s going to make your tour fun and entertaining. He’s called Mono because he likes to climb, so be prepared to have a good adventure with him, receiving a lot of attention and with a smile always on his face.

Livier Menchaca (Liv)

Livier born in Sinaloa. She is our reservation and PR girl, always ready to answer your questions with a smile.

Marco Pérez

Marco knows well the roots of this place, whether by land or sea.
Can´t miss out on a tour with him!

Marco Polo

MARCO comes from Querétaro. His passion for the underwater world made him move up here. Once he knew the Ocean he decided he couldn´t be away from it.


MAURY was born in Northern Baja. He makes sure everyone in his tours always have fun and get the best out of them.

Mike headshot

Michael Dominic

MICKY is from California. He is a Soul Rider who will make sure that you enjoy the adventure.



NACHO was born in Guerrero. He is our technical support on land and our warehouse boss. He makes sure the equipment is ready and the vans are properly loaded. Success depends highly on this first step.